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Submitted on 21/01/2013

Why did the planning department simultaneously release two documents that contradicted each other about the type and amount of industry they proposed within the Priority One Public Drinking Resource area of the Gnangara Mound? One document targeted the general public, the other industry players.

In late November 2009 two planning documents were simultaneously released for public feedback (comment/submissions, an important part of the planning process) which first suggested placing industry within the P1 boundary. Both plans were released late November (close to Christmas and the holiday season).

One was the Draft East Wanneroo Structure Plan meant for stakeholders (residents and commercial interests) in the area and the other, the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 Perth and Peel meant for industry players. Two documents published within weeks of one another, two documents that contradicted each other.

In the Draft East Wanneroo Structure Plan only one area of land within the P1 water boundary was proposed for industry; South Pinjar, and this was assigned for “light and general industrial”. Another area labelled “Jandabup”, which also lay within the P1 water boundary, had its usage designated for employment purposes. When the local member and planning department were quizzed about the type of employment envisioned here they said it would be for “horticulture”.

In the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 document a heavier type of industry (Special Industrial, zoning found in the likes of Kwinana and at the Wagerup aluminium refinery*) was proposed for South Pinjar (next to Banksia Grove and Mariginiup) and the Jandabup land was proposed as a potential industrial site, later confirmed for light and general industry in a document called Economic and Employment Lands Strategy: non-heavy industrial (EELS).

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*To view Special Industrial zoning for Wagerup aluminium refinery click the link below

http://www.alcoa.com/australia/en/pdf/WAG Chapter_1_Introduction.pdf view pages 38 & 39

Diagram right - Kwninana "Special Industry" Zone

Planning documents released for public comment are supposed to allow the public to carefully examine the content of the planning document and then prepare and make an informed submission about the plan to the government. Citizens often spend a lot time and energy making submissions. As far as we are concerned the planning department has demonstrated a callous disregard for the public consultation process, contempt for the public’s intelligence and the value of their input.

To download the The East Wanneroo Structure Plan (Draft), click here.

To download the The Industrial Land Startegy 2009, click here.

Industry proposed in the EWSP plan

Light and General Industry

Industry proposed in the ILS plan

Light General and "Special Industry"

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EWSP - East Wanneroo Structure Plan

ILS - Industrial Land Strategy 2009

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