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Submitted on 21/01/2013

Why has the planning department removed the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 document and analysis of public submissions from their website?

The Draft East Wanneroo Structure Plan can still be downloaded from the planning department’s website, whereas the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 (ILS) cannot. The analysis of the public submissions for East Wanneroo Structure Plan can also be still accessed and downloaded from their website, but not those for the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 (ILS). It seems that any on-line access to the Industrial Land Strategy 2009(ILS) plan along with the analysis of public submissions has been removed, even though it is a major planning document with its own task force and was published a few weeks after the draft East Wanneroo Structure Plan.

The Industrial Land Strategy 2009 (ILS) is a major planning document released a little over three years ago. It is referenced by many planning department’s publications, for instance the final release of the East Wanneroo Structure Plan. It would seem its time on the planning department’s website has been cut short when compared with other similar strategic plans.

Should citizens conclude that the planning department’s reason for removing this document from on-line access is to limit public scrutiny of this planning document and the public submissions?

We have a copy of the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 for download, see link below. It bears witness to the fact that the planning department proposed to put a class of industry called "Special Industry" needing buffers of 1km or more in the North East corner of the proposed South Pinjar industrial site.

The government did not release a final document of the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 (ILS) after public submissions were analysed, but instead produced another planning document called Economic and Employment Lands Strategy: non-heavy industrial (EELS). This document shows the South Pinjar site with around 84 hectares (or approximately 11.5% of the site) in the north east corner removed (see Google maps below). This is the very area proposed in the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 for "Special Industry" and we believe the government would prefer the public did not know about this and that is why they want to limit public scrutiny of this document.

The question that begs answering is; why was this portion of land not left as part of the EELS non-heavy industry plan? It seems counter-intuitive to remove this north-east corner of land from the South Pinjar site when the Government is stressing the need for more industrial land. Keeping this portion as part of their proposed EELS South Pinjar site would provide for more light and general industrial land. So what is the REAL reason?.

Given the South Pinjar industrial site in the "Economic and Employment Lands Strategy: non-heavy industrial (EELS)", is proposed for non-heavy industry, then the removed portion, the north east area of this site, must have been previously earmarked for heavy industry (under the guise of "Special Industry") and probably still is. All the government is currently saying is that the cut down version of the South Pinjar site will only have light and general industry. What they have not said is what the 84 hectares deleted from their plan will be used for after the elections or after the MRS is redrawn to accommodate industry in this area. This removed portion is the very area they previously cited in the Industrial Land Strategy 2009 for placing "Special Industry" which requires buffers of 1km plus because of the emissions/discharges, noise, smell and dust it generates. The northwest portion of South Pinjar site deliniated in the Industrial Land Strategy 2009, gives "Special Industry" the needed buffers (1km plus) from residental and special rural land that most other areas of this site do not. Once the MRS is amended, residents will be virtually powerless to stop the government from including this land back into the South Pinjar industrial complex to accomodate Special Industry. It would probably be named the "South Pinjar Extension".

When the above is read in context with the government’s past planning manoeuvres for this area, a very disturbing picture emerges.

Our Conclusion; the government has either been guilty of abject incompetence or is involved in a strategy to deceive the public, either way it shows a planning department that should not be trusted when it comes to critical planning decisions. Why should we have any faith in their rhetoric about good planning in relation to land use on top of one of Perth’s most precious water resource, the P1 Boundary of the Gnangara Mound?

To download the The East Wanneroo Structure Plan (Draft), click here.

To download the The Industrial Land Startegy 2009, click here.

Industry proposed in the ILS plan

Industry proposed in the EELS plan

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ILS - Industrial Land Strategy 2009

EELS - Economic and Employment Lands Strategy: non-heavy industrial


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