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It’s about big $$$$ stupid!

Submitted on 7/02/2013

An article in the West Australian points to revenue raising as the key reason crown land is to be sold for industry sites such as South Pinjar and Jandabup....


The article by journalist Daniel Mercer starts with:

“A secret State Government report has revealed that Perth's most important drinking water source is in crisis and needs about $500 million in works to prevent an environmental catastrophe”.....

It went on to say:

“It warns that unless the Government moves rapidly to ease pressure on Gnangara, there will be calamitous repercussions for businesses, public open spaces and ecosystems that rely on it. These included the acidification and eventual widespread loss of Perth's northern lakes and wetlands, the erosion of the viability of some of the city's horticulturalists and the browning out of parks and ovals.”....

It concludes by saying:

Despite the high cost, it is understood the plan would be cost-neutral because it would allow the Government to sell more industrial land. Water Minister Bill Marmion did not say yesterday when the Government would release the plan or whether it would implement its recommendations...”

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If you were Bill Marmion (minister for water) how seriously would you view our Gnangara Mound water problem?

The government is failing to implement its own water metering policies, that is, according to
Katie Robertson of the Sunday Times.

The article dated 3/2/2013 stated:

....“Figures show that fewer than half of the 2076 licensed Gnangara groundwater using five megalitres or more were actually metered, as required....

....Water Minister Bill Marmion defended the level of compliance, saying the thresholds set out in the policy were subject to Federal Government funding, which had ceased. As a result, they no longer applied.....

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With Industry

Without Industry

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