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Submitted on 24/02/2013

When you create a vast over-supply of a particular type of employment, which this so-called industrial employment plan does, it will come at the expense of the creation of other types of jobs, and so will be bad for local employment. An example of this is the municipality of Kwinana.

A good, employment generating economy for any geographical area requires a range of employment opportunities for its citizens. An employment model that provides for a massive over-supply of jobs that local residents do not need or want, will always create employment problems especially when that over-supply comes at the expense of creating other types of jobs local residents need or want.

In the 2006 census (figures for the 2011 census on this information not yet available), the total number of industrial workers living within the City of Wanneroo was 5.2% of its population. They worked within and outside the City of Wanneroo’s boundary. In other words only 5.2% of its population wanted industrial employment. The Perth metropolitan average was 7.5%.

Paul Miles, the sitting Liberal member for Wanneroo was quoted on ABC news on the 18/2/2013 as saying they were creating 100,000 industrial jobs with their proposed industrial estates. Given the population of the City of Wanneroo is predicted to reach 301,000 by 2031 (City of Wanneroo website) then he is imposing a job model where there will be industrial jobs for 33% of the City of Wanneroo’s population. Paul needs to be reminded that only around 22,639 (7.5%) of the population will need, or want, industrial jobs (the Perth metropolitan average), and so a daily commute into the City of Wanneroo of 77,361 industrial workers who reside outside the City of Wanneroo will be required for these industrial estates to function.

Paul Miles, the sitting Liberal member for Wanneroo was quoted on ABC news on the 18/2/2013 as saying they were creating 100,000 industrial jobs with their proposed industrial estates.

In the municipality of Kwinana, a major industrial hub for Perth, the percentage of industrial jobs available as a percentage of its population was 23% (figures based on the 2006 census). You would think that the majority of these jobs would be taken up by local people. Well no, the percentage of Kwinana’s population that were employed in these industrial jobs was just 2.5%.

Two existing industrial estates within East Wanneroo, Neerabup and Landsdale/Wangara will provide for 34,000 industrial jobs or 11.2% of the City of Wanneroo’s projected 2031 population of 301,000 people, this equates to one third more industrial jobs as a percentage of population than the Perth Metropolitan average. Conclusion; the City of Wanneroo does not need any extra industrial jobs. 100,000 industrial jobs (the Liberal's plan) equates to around four and a half times the Perth Metropolitan average.

It should be noted that the Town of Kwinana’s unemployment rate in 2006 was 5.8% around one and a half times that of Perth’s average at 3.7% (2006 census). In 2011 it was 6.7% compared with Perth’s average of 4.8% (2011 census)

Unemployment in the City of Wanneroo was 4% in 2006 (2006 census) and 4.9% in 2011 (2011 census), just slightly above the Perth average and well below Kwinana’s unemployment rate for the same years. The City of Wanneroo does not have an unemployment problem

Paul Miles addressing a CREW (wancrew) rally said “…the industrial areas have to be put in, there is about six of them outlined for the northern suburbs, if we don’t do this our kids will not be working in the northern suburbs. If you don’t want your children to be working in the northern suburbs...

Conclusion –

Creating an over-supply of industrial jobs has no employment benefits at all, in fact in the case of Kwinana it seems to have exacerbated their unemployment problem rather that helped it.

This begs the question; why has the local Liberal sitting member Paul Miles been going around telling people that they won’t have jobs if they do not adopt the Liberal’s industrial jobs model when their model, will generate an over-supply of industrial jobs at the expense of other employment and so will potentially create unemployment in the City of Wanneroo?

What he has done is to play to people’s fears of unemployment. Paul has, and continues to, ignore the negative impact this proposed industry will have on the environment and social fabric of East Wanneroo?

Given his flawed employment model and deftness in ignoring the negative environmental and social impacts of his plan for the City of Wanneroo, you would have to ask yourself, why is he determined to proceed with the Liberal’s plan?

Paul needs to be asked; “how much money will the state government make from developing and selling this land for industrial use?” An article in the West Australian early 2012 pointed to the fact that it will be hundreds of millions of dollars, up to half a billion.

Note - Industrial workers are defined as those working in the Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade, and the Transport, Postal and Warehousing areas of employment.


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