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Please share this industrial plan so more people can be aware of what the Liberal Government has planned for us. Wanneroo and Joondalup residents will suffer severe changes to their lifestyle, traffic, house prices and social attitudes. The whole of Perth has severe implications as this industry is planned on top of where we draw 50% of our fresh drinking water.

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Environmental Quote

"Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure."

— John McConnell, founder of International Earth Day

Social Quote

... the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.

Australian social scientist, quoted by Noam Chomsky in World Orders Old and New

This is how change happens

We need your support and input to make changes in our community. Our vision is to create a place where everyday people can be heard and have the power to make choices. We are not only the custodians of our homes, but also our communities.

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